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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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bay. we will zoom in on that. 280, fremont avenue the rain is moving south of mountain view right now, heading through santa clara and san jose. look for light returns as well through san martin, and as you head toward gilroy. we put it back in the looping motion you see how it's starting to slide south. we will see lots of sunshine later on in the day. by lunch mainly clear around the bay area. but this morning temperatures on the cool side. upper 30s to mid-40s with some of those lingering showers this afternoon should be sunnier, temperatures only warming up to the low 50s. so it is going to be a cool one. with the clear conditions overnight, temperatures will drop down to 43 degrees to near 50 degrees. it's going to be very chilly tomorrow and i'll have your complete accuweather forecast coming up. katie. >> francis, thank you. we are also keeping an eye on water level at bay area reservoirs which have been filling up rapidly with all the rain.
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many nearing capacity. we are live at lexington reservoir. how are things there? >> hi, katie. we are in a break right now from the rain. but as you mentioned, we are at lexington reservoir. it's right next to us, next to hay way 17. it's the largest rainwater reservoir in the santa clara valley water district and it's currently at 63% capacity. as you might guess, it's a different scene across the bay area. we have video from yesterday in marin county where water, if you can believe, was rationed once in the early '90s, but now the lake near mt. tam is full. it's overflowing. it's the a same for bon tempe dam. rushing water is cascadinger the top into alpine lake below. reservoirs don't typically top off until april. >> all of our reservoirs have reached capacity. that's the earliest that we have done that sense 1983. >> the earliest capacity reached in nearly 30 years in marin
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county. in san francisco the public utilities commission tells us its reservoirs are at 83% of capacity, east bay muds, five reservoirs are at a combined 85% capacity. district officials in santa clara say the reservoir in morgan hill is expect today overflow its surplus for the next week. reporting live in los gatos, abc7 news. kera, thank you. two people are dead of a getting washed into the water on the marin side of the golden gate bridge yesterday afternoon. a third person was able to make it back to more and call 911. but the coast guard and tiburon fire department were not able to save the man and boy who were spotted in the water near the north tower of the golden gate bridge. sky 7hd were overhead as the rescue boats returned with both victims on board. their bodies were recovered just after five. they were pronounced dead when they arrived at the coast guard
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station. >> the unit shortly arrived within 25 minutes and recovered two bodies, one male adult and one child. those subjects were later pronounced deceased. >> all three were believed to be fishing at a popular spot when they got swept away. a high surf advisory was in effect then and it's still in effect until 10:00 tonight. investigators have not determined yet how a house fire in san francisco's castro district started last night. the fire broke out about 7:00 p.m. on 26th street near castro. most of the damage was done to the attic but a home next door also sustained some damage during the fire fight. no one was hurt. authorities are stepping up their efforts to keep drunk drivers off the road and they will keep up the added pressure through new year's eve. tonight there are check points in san francisco, pacifica, redwood city, mountain view and san jose.
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abc7 news reporter alan wong reports from san rafael. >> around the bay area law enforcement agencies are conducting driver's license checks and, if needed, a sobriety test. >> do what you have to do but don't drink and drive. >> apparently an extra reminder is needed. during the week before christmas the chp made 1,171 dui arrests statewide compared to 980 in 2011. fatalities were up more than double during this period. 39 compared to 14 last year. >> you know, i think people are a little more depressed this year. i think they are going out trying to find a relief for whatever pressures they have. >> i know a few. >> ben smith said he has friends who have had to pay the price for a dui arrest. >> it's expensive. i'm hearing different numbers. last time that i had a buddy, like $6,000 or something like that. i've heard $10,000. >> businesses, like the pier 15 restaurant and bar, say they will call a cab or drive a customer home themselves. they say it's worth it for both patron and customer.
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>> that's why we have returning customers all the time because we do care about our customers. >> they are offering water in between drinks and saying do you have a ride home? >> and this new years eve, jessica said she's avoiding the drive all together. >> on new year's eve we are going to a house party and we are all sleeping, spending the night there. >> a local law firm will provide free cab service in san francisco on new year's eve and bart will provide extended service until 3:00 a.m. reporting in san rafael, allen wong, abc7 news. new this morning, same sex marriages are now legal in the state of maine. [applause] >> several city halls opened at 12:01 a.m. to issue the marriage licenses. the portland city hall was issuing them until 3:00 this morning. they cost $40 and require a photo i.d. and a certified copy of a divorce decree if applicable. two other states have legalized marriage by popular vote, washington and maryland. >> senate leaders will work through the weekend to try to
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avoid the physical cliff. there are fewer than three days left before taxes go up for all americans and federal programs see major cuts. president obama met with republican and democratic leaders yesterday in a high stakes meeting at the white house. senate leaders will debate a new plan over the weekend, hoping to have a deal to vote on by monday. then it will go to the house. the president said a deal is critical for the nation. >> economists, business leaders all think we are poised to grow in 2013 as long as politics in washington don't get in the way of america's progress. so we've got to get this done. >> in the event congress does not make a deal, here's how the fiscal cliff could affect you. first, income taxes will go up substantially. a middle class family will pay about $2,000 more per year. gas prices will likely fall because individuals will have to spend less on fuel.
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you could see longer lines at the airport because budget cuts would force the tsa to cut its staff and retail prices may fall because declining consumer confidence would push retailers to offer discounts to get shoppers into their stores. >> the bowl game is all decked-out for the game this afternoon against the u.s. navy academy and arizona state. everyone's spirits are high and the game is bringing a boost for the local economy. >> many are here for an extended weekend. >> two teams really excited to be here and their fans are excited to be here. gosh, i think we are filling up all the hotels in san francisco. >> 33,000 tickets have been sold for the match-up. at&t park can take 40,000 so not at capacity yet. organizers believe it will be another banner year for the hunger goal. it's brought the city more than $130 million over the past 11 years. that's an average of $12 million to $13 million a year for the
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san francisco economy. coming up next, violence against women. the vigil in san francisco for a woman who lived half a world away. and taking a live look outside at emeryville. the camera pointed back at the city. be careful out there if you are driving. the bridge is certainly slick. but the rain has moved on. moved on to the south bay. francis will have
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>> welcome back, everyone. thanks for joining us this morning. it's 6:11 on saturday morning. you are looking at live doppler 7hd. the best way to track the rain that we are seeing in the bay area this morning. it has moved from san francisco in the north bay south. rain mostly falling, as you can see there, in the san jose area south into gilroy.
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you can track it yourself anytime, anywhere, just go to and you will find the live doppler 7hd. >> we also have breaking news right now this morning out of moscow where a passenger jet loaner is on fire after crashing at the airport. take a look. this picture of the scene has just come into our newsroom. the russian ministry said two people were killed when the passenger plane ran off the runway at the airport in moscow. russia's state news channel is reporting the plane was not carrying any passengers. just a crew of 12 on board. again, two reported dead now. the cause of the accident is not immediately no one, but we do know that light snow was falling in moscow at the time of the crash. we will keep an eye on this for you and bring you some video if it becomes available during this newscast. this morning former president george h.w. bush remains in intensive care in a houston family. bush family spokesman said the 88-year-old continues to improve. he said the 41st president is
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alert and, as always, in good spirits. bush has been in the hospital since november 23rd. a young woman who was brutally gang-raped and beaten in india has died of her injuries. now those around the world are demanding greater protection for women there. we are showing you the local effort to force change. >> it is just horrible. it's very, very sad. >> concerned bay area residents and members of local south asian organizations gathered in front of the indian consulate in san francisco for a candlelight vigil in honor of the woman who was gang-raped in new delhi, india and died of her injuries. >> the extent of the violence is particularly shocking. >> on december 16th the 23-year-old was gang- raped and severally beaten while riding this bus. six men were arrested in connection with the attack. the crime sparked massive protest in india and the outrage has spread.
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>> it's an alarming trend of violence against women. >> she is the executive director of a bay area organization work to go end domestic violence in south asian communities. she helped organize the vigil to send a message to the indian consulate. >> this kind of violence is not okay. >> she helped circulate a pegs for improved security and safety for women in new delhi. >> they are equal members of society and have a right to public safety. >> the petition was turned over to the consulate. >> we would like to offer this to you. >> in return he said the consulate hopes the women's struggles and sacrifice would not go in vain. >> we hope this will be a turning point. >> that's exactly what they were hoping for. >> not something that will happen overnight but i guess education will help the process. >> new this morning, the u.s. population is growing at a slower pace than projected.
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by new year's day it's projected to not 315 million. the census bureau said that's less than 15% since it was last taken in 2010. low birth and immigration rates are given as the reason for the sluggish growth. a revised projection said the u.s. population will hit 400 million by 2015. that's short of the 439 million projected four years ago. >> in the here and now we are tracking the storm. rain falling out in the bay area. >> it is and it's moving south. i which they are already clear in the north bay for the rest of the day. here's a live shot from our camera looking out toward the bay bridge, where we did have some rain falling in the last few hours, but it's moving south. if you are heading to the craft fight hunger goal game today, it should be partly cloudy with temperatures in the 50s. i'll have your complete forecast coming up. >> all right. at least you won't need an umbrella. also next the warriors beat the
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76ers at the oracle arena, accomplishing a feat that they haven't done in 32 years. collin refresh has the "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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is. >> welcome back. coming up on 6:19 now. francis is in for lisa this morning. happy to have you and happy to have you tracking the storm for us which is out already. >> we are going to kick it out of here. we will show you a live shot. there is still some light rain falling in parts of the south bay. looking from mount sutro over parts of san francisco and the bay, it's already drying out. so that's good news if you have plans outdoors for today. it's pretty dry through the weekend. i want to show you the live doppler 7hd to show you the pattern over the last three hours and how things are changing really quickly for the bay area. the storm sliding south right now towards salinas and that's where we are still seeing some light rain in parts of san jose. look at the rest of the bay area. already dry in the north bay. in san jose lighter returns now. north bay is clearing out of sunnyvale and santa clara.
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there still might be some showers until about noon through parts of the bay in the south bay especially. but right along 101 through salinas is where we are still getting some light to moderate returns. it will stick around there possibly into the afternoon hours. temperatures right now on the cool side. in the 40s for the most part. didn't quite get to the upper 40s. 44 san francisco. 43 in mountain view. so basically for today the showers already leaving the bay area. they are tapering by lunch. pretty much all of us die by lunch. snow possible in higher elevations above 3,000 feet. but with the clearing conditions this afternoon into tonight it will be very chilly for tomorrow morning. here's the satellite radar image. area of low pressure continues to slide south, taking the rain with it. it is heading to southern california. it could be a tough drive through the grapevine if you are heading to southern california. lookout for that today. but the forecast model, even by 7:00, just shows some cloud cover. nothing in the north bay.
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possibly a stray shower through the santa cruz mountains and then through the morning hours just some light returns. again, mainly along the coast, the peninsula and santa cruz. lunchtime all of us dry. clear skies. stray shower here and there. but by 5:00 it's all gone and less cloud cover, as well. there is still a high surf advisory in effect until 10:00 tonight. northwest swells up to 14 feet. strong rip currents, large breaking waves and current wave heights right now 10 feet in san francisco, 13 feet in bodega bay. temperatures slightly below normal. it's on the cool side even though we will see sunnier conditions this afternoon. 52 in vallejo. 51 fremont and in san jose. you will find low 50s through parts of the monterey bay with 53 in santa cruz and 50 in gilroy. so we did get up to half an in inch the santa cruz mountains and about a quarter inch in san francisco over the last 24
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hours. but once that track clears and pretty much is in san francisco, it's looking warmer for tomorrow. temperatures in the 50s. but just don't forget about that very chilly start. right now keeping my finger crossed, dry new year's eve. >> sounds good. of course, we can't complain about any weather when you look to the east coast and what they are dealing with right now. we want to check in with new york to tell us what is coming up on abc7 -- on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. good morning. >> can i spend new year's with you? >> sure, come on out! >> we are expecting quite some weather over the next couple of days. this morning another winter what you will lop on the way for the northeast, as you just mentioned. 20 states from ohio to north carolina to maine in the line of fire. this is just days after that nasty blizzard hit the country. ginger will have the latest on what the new storm could mean
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for your travel plans. and a dramatic ice rescue. a sledding excursion gone wrong. watch as one person of a another falls in frigid water. near a dozen people hit the ice. it all happened in san francisco and it was all happened on tape. everyone survived but it's terrifying video to watch. plus is brittney getting the action on x. rumors are flying she would be getting fired from the tv show paying her 15 million bucks to be a judge. but you won't believe why they want to give her the boot. and too skinny. super tight jeans are all the rage but are they actually causing your body harm? why the fashion statement could put your health at risk. the things we do for beauty, katie, it's unbelievable. >> that's exactly why i avoid skinny jeans. that's the one and only reason. >> sweat pants are the way to go. >> it's only the save choice. >> thanks. see you at 7. >> see ya. >> in sports tonight the warriors welcome the boston
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celtics to oracle arena. last night they beat the sixers, winning their 20th game before the new year for the first time in 32 years. here's collin resch with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> the first of three straight home games began for the warriors last night. durrell wright making his return. sixers at or gal. golden state 16-2 when holding their opponents to those points or less. defense bat cinergy. steph curry, and the drunk. i mentioned durrell wright. we saw a lot of this in his two years here, we saw the catch-and-shoot three. finished with just 8, though. and getting it done. get it out into the first row. david lee, he approves. the mutombo finger wave. second quarter warriors pull away. steph curry. the off hand, off glass. warriors by 7. he finished with 25-12. more defense, carl landry times it. the swat on young. third quarter, it continues. blake thompson gets his hand in the passing lane.
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lee the handle. 18-point lead for the warriors. count it and he's fouled. know things are going well if you can make a free throw. money. warriors win, 96-89. they are 20-10. they welcome boston to town tonight. huge local boxing news. a playing fight between robert "the ghost" guerrero against floyd may whatever. both sides to figure out the final details. the fight would take place at the mgm grand in las vegas on may 4th. it would be a pay-per-view event to which mayweather has been long accustomed. it would be the biggest payday for guerrero after pummeling berto in october. he said he thinks he's earned it and he thinks he can win. he's not good enough to be the backup but he's good enough to be the start. dennis allen backtracking from a statement sunday after a key loss to carolina.
6:25 am
yesterday he told the media durell pryor will start ahead of matt leinert sunday. it's just as much an indictment against the matt lienert. he was listed inactive the first 11 games of the season. >> i'm anxious to see him play. i want to see him go out there and relax, play the game of football the way it's supposed to be played. i want to see him take command of the huddle and i want to see us to be able to get in and out of the huddle and the operation be smooth in running the offense. then i want to see him protect the football and make sure he makes good decisions, protects the football and then hopefully he will be able to do something, you know, with his skill set to give us a chance to move the ball down the field and score some points. does not bode well for the future of matt lienert. >> 49er news. eager to get back out there. those are the words from the tight end on friday. he took sunday night in seattle. he was vicious.
6:26 am
davis still wearing the noncontact jersey in practice. he's listed as questionable for arizona on sunday. vernon is adamant he wants to play if cleared, but he can't stop thinking about that hip. >> it's pretty brutal. it was brutal. brutal. >> do you think it was legal? he got penalized but he's not going to get find. >> i don't think it was legal, no. >> be sure to tune in tonight at five, six, nine and eleven, the hunger goal, navy and arizona state and stanford hosting uconn in women's hoops. with a look at morning sports, i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone. >> next, more storm watch coverage. what you can expect if your new year's plans include a ski trip for the lake tahoe area. >> i'm kera live in los gatos where the rain has stopped at least temporarily this morning,
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but the reservoirs are
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>> thanks everyone for joining us at 6:30 on this saturday morning. it has been raining in the bay area this morning, but some good news, it is moving out of town. meteorologist francis is in for lisa this morning.
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good morning, francis. >> good morning, katie. good morning, everyone. here's live doppler 7hd, showing you the rain already clearing san jose. we still have some cloudy conditions all around the bay area. but it's now south of san jose, gilroy, hollister and salinas. that's where it will take a bit longer for the showers to tapper offer. you will find some light returns along monterey road and 101 through morgan hill and also look for some light rain right now on 101 as you head your way through prune dale, salinas and highway 101, south of santa cruz. today the showers are clearing pretty quickly. temperatures in the low 40s for the most part during the morning. the afternoon hours they will climb into the low 50s. even though it will be clearing, it will still be on the cool side. slightly below normal. then this evening with partly clear conditions, it will be dry and also cold. temperatures dropping down into the 40s and then very chilly overnight tonight into tomorrow. katie. >> all right.
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the cold scares me more than the rain. thank you, francis. continuing our coverage this morning, we are keeping an area on bay area reservoirs which have been filling up rapidly with all of the rain and many are nearing capacity. abc7 news reporter kera klapper is live in los gatos this morning. good morning. >> good morning, katie. as you and francis mentioned, the rain has stopped for now. our drive down here from san francisco about two hours ago was very wet, though. conditions on 101 through san mateo, redwood city and south were very slick. highway 17 behind me is still wet from the overnight rain, but people around driving as though it's wet. of course, that rain, as you mentioned, has head to full reservoirs across the bay area. we actually have video from yesterday in marin county where lake lagunitsa is overflowing
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into alpine lake. reservoirs, as you may or may not know, they don't typically top off until april. the marin municipal water district said all of their reservoirs have reached capacity already this winter. it's only one week into winter. it's the earliest it's happened since 1983. >> i lived here when we're were on water rationing back in the '90s. it's great to see you have it a leg up on it already. >> the san francisco public utilities commission tells us it's reservoirs are at 83% of capacity. east bay muds five reservoirs are at a combined 85% capacity. but back here at the santa clara valley water district, the biggest rainwater reservoir is right next to us, the lexington reservoir. it's currently at 63% capacity. so plenty more room for all the rain that is sure to come the rest of this winter. reporting live in los gatos, abc7 news. thank you. in the sierra there are no chain
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requirements on interstate 80 or highway 50 this morning. so it's a perfect weekend for tahoe as we head into the new year's holiday. abc7 news reporter john alston talked to people in the bay area that are heading just that way. >> the holidays combined with nice weather and plenty of new snow are making the ski resorts a magnet for bay area residents. >> it's the first time this season. we got together all family and we are excited to begin this season with fun. >> seven-year-old of san jose was getting his first taste of the slope. >> bring the kids here to learn how to ski. i don't have a chance to learn when i was young so here we go. >> then there was oakland native larry rogers, now living in chicago.
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>> great snow this weekend, so i had to get up here and bring the kids and it's been a great time. >> you don't get snow in chicago, do you? >> we get snow, but we don't get the mountains. we need snow and mountains so this is perfect. >> then the holidays line up perfect for us so we actually had about three weeks of holiday where normally we only have two. lining up with the weekends we are experiencing higher than normal volume. >> at blue canyon, john alston, abc7 news. >> new this morning president obama is making alternative plans in case congress does not vote on a compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff. nearly every american's paycheck is about to shrink until they prevent the tax hikes from kicking in january 1st. >> while conditional leaders work on a way to avoid it, president obama said he will propose another vote in case they don't vote on it. >> i will urge the senate to hold an up-or-down vote that -- on a basic package that protects the middle class from an income tax hikes and extends unemployment americans look for
6:35 am
a job and lays the ground work for more economic growth andç deficit reduction. i believe suchmy a proposal coud pass both house was bipartisan majorities as long as these leaders allow it to come to a vote. >> republican house speaker john boehner said he's willing to bend on raising taxes for the wealthiest americans to avoid the fiscal cliff. don't be surprised if you come across a dui checkpoint in your neighborhood over the next few days. the highway patrol and other law enforcement agencies have their checkpoints in place. they will continue to be every night through new year's day. a bay area law maker is proposing a new solution for getting repeat drunk drivers off the roadways. it's already being as utilized in other states. abc7 news reporter david louie has the details of the new proposal. >> the thinking behind the proposed crackdown of repeat offenders is to address what state senator jerry hill says is a high rate of drunk drivers who don't modify their behavior. he cites 2009 statistics, the most recent numbers available.
6:36 am
>> there were 161,000, 161,000 dui arrests and convictions in california. twenty seven percent of those were repeat offenders. >> a second dui conviction would require a a driver to buy and install an ignition intercept device. this is video posted on youtube by several manufacturers showing how their devices work. a breath sample is taken and the car will start only if the driver passes the test. law enforcement agencies say sobriety checkpoints helped to intercept drunk drivers and take them off the street. redwood city police officers have checked 15,000 vehicles so far this holiday period and made 18 arrests. they support senator hill's bill
6:37 am
as an additional deterrent. >> the legislation that is being proposed today is actually needed to be added as part of the arsenal that we have in deterring people that may not just have the will or the dedication or the morale fortitude to not drive drunk. >> the ignition intercept device costs about $100 initially but requires ongoing calibration to ensure accuracy. that can run an additional 50 to $100 every two months. the two-time offender would have to use it for one year. the three-time offender would use it for two years, the four-time offender for three years. mothers against drunk drivers would prefer the proposed law be tougher. >> we prefer they be installed on every dui-convicted persons car. in the meantime this legislation is a great stop gap. >> she said stop gap because four california counties, including almeda county, are in the midst of a pilot project where the ignition devices are required after a first conviction. and they are hoping data will come out of that project to bolt center their call for a stuffer -- tougher law.
6:38 am
abc7 news. an alert this morning from pg&e. the two utility is sending out tweets right now warning people a man with a hispanic accent is calling senior citizens telling them their service will be cut off unless they provide credit card or gift card information. pg&e said this is a scam. the utility would never ask for that kind of personal information over the phone and they want anyone who has been targeted to contact police. coming up next, need help with your new year's resolutions? well, there's an app for that. see what a bay area company has come up with that could inspire you to follow-through. and here's a live look of the golden gate bridge this morning. the pavement is wet but the rain has passed through. francis is tracking the storm. she will have your
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>> taking a look right now at live doppler 7hd. we've watched this morning's rain travel pretty quickly this morning, starting in the north bay, heading down to the south bay and now starting to head out of the bay area all together to the south and east. you can keep track of it yourself no matter where you are on our website. you can find live doppler 7hd on 'tis the season for making new year's resolutions and a week or two later usually the season of breaking them. what if you could get a little
6:42 am
help following through? abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has a look at a bay area social media company that has found a way to do just that. >> the start-up, i want the start-up to grow. that's my new year's resolution. >> ken is thinking big, but for most people few years resolutions sound something like this. >> this year i just graduated from college. this year i need to cook for myself better and do more exercise. i want to travel more this year. >> they are lofty goals and for some folks a little help to reach them would be worth something. >> i would pay $30 a month maybe. >> send me links or deals i don't know about or secrets off the path, destinations. >> there's a website for that called rewarder and it's a place you can offer up a reward for specific kind of information or expertise. >> they say i want this, i will pay this much. >> the vice president showed us rewards offered for cooking tips. >> they want to learn to make the meals and be able to do it
6:43 am
at home. >> workout advice. >> looking for a plan to run a marathon in under four hours. >> and vacation planning. >> and the best itinerary, $10.00. >> if you offer the reward, you pick the winner. >> up to 100 different people trying to win the reward and it's up to them to decide this person obviously knows it the best. this is the person i'm going to reward and payout. >> if you you are an expert at something, you can earn some cash. >> i'm a dessert guy. i love all sweets from pie to ice cream, cakes, anything. >> so darren told us via skype he made 75 bucks teaching someone how to replicate his wife's favorite key lime pie for christmas. >> that was a gift and he thanked me and said it was great, delicious. i was happy to help. >> how many can you get for giving good advice in if you help ken with his start-up, maybe a lot. >> it could be ten bucks, it could be a million dollars. >> in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. as 2012 comes to a close you can take a look back at this year's top seven news stories.
6:44 am
video and photo slide shows at >> coming up at 6:45, francis is tracking the rain for us this morning, which is moving right along. >> yes, moving south and leaving the bay area. we are under mostly cloudy conditions right now. this is a live shot of the embarcadero with the holiday lights still on. i also checked lights for you. the faa reporting no flight delays out of the bay area or in major airports in california. i'll let you know what the rain will definitely leave your neighborhood with the forecast coming up. >> francis the bearer of good news this horn. thank you. also ahead, getting ready for the big stage. the local high school band making history in this year's to
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>> on this saturday morning, some areas of the bay area getting the end of this wimpy storm. wimpy, right? >> wimpy is a perfect way to describe it. we are talking light rain. we have a live shot right now of emeryville. the roads still a bit damp but over the last 24 hours we didn't even get a tenth of an inch in oakland. we got almost a quarter of an inch in san francisco. in the santa cruz mountains, almost half an inch. so the timing of the storm is pretty nice, as well. most of the rain fell overnight. we go to live doppler showing you the loop over the past three hours. you see the storm just sliding
6:48 am
south. the areas of green, the light rain, already leaving the bay area. so dry already or the north bay throughout the rest of the day. now clearing the bay area, heading south of san jose. so it's going to stick around there probably by lunchtime you should be okay. but you see some rain still falling over .10 1 through morgan hill, but it is moving south now of bailey avenue along monterey road. we are talking light returns. some of the areas of blue is virga. moisture in the area but it doesn't hit the ground. light rain possibly falling through watsonville and 101 in prune dale. it should clear monterey bay by lunchtime and this afternoon. temperatures right now a cool start this morning. 44 in san francisco. 41 in concord and 44 in san jose. so the showers already tapering. snow still possible above the hills above -- or in the hills above 3,000 feet. it will be chilly overnight with
6:49 am
clearing conditions and then dry for sunday. so if you have any outdoor plans you should be okay the rest of the day, today and tomorrow. so we have this area of low pressure sliding south along the coast, and that's going to bring the showers south, as well. here's a look at the forecast model. even 7:00 pretty wimpy, to describe the rain around the bay area. just some cloud cover and then that will start to clear by lunchtime with still a kansas of showers mainly isolated san jose and monterey bay in the afternoon hours. then by 5:00 by the evening, if you have any plans, actually fairly clear but the conditions, temperatures will cool overnight tonight. there is a high surf advisory in effect until 10:00 this evening. a northwest swell10 to 14 feet. this means large rip currents and large breaking waves. the highest in bodega bay at 13 feet. temperatures in the 50s for the most part today with the exception of a few upper 40 like
6:50 am
clear lake and fairfield. look for a high of 50 in san francisco. we are a few degrees below normal as well. san jose 51 and 53 monterey and santa cruz. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the showers on their way out, cloudy, partly cloudy conditions the rest of the afternoon, but temperatures will be cool, especially tomorrow morning. a frosty start, look fairly dry right now for new year's eve and sunshine for 2013. >> what, one shine? can't imagine. >> i know. i miss it. >> thank you, francis. preparations for the 124th annual tournament of roses parade are in full swing in southern california. volunteers in a warehouse are getting the flower i floats ready for showtime in pasadena. this year dr. seuss' theme, "oh, the places you will go." the fresh flowers and sometimes
6:51 am
even seaweed. a san jose high school band is going to be one of only two dozen bands performing in the tournament of roses parade. as abc7 news reporter karina rusk tells us, they will also do something that's never been done before. ♪ >> this practice is taking place in the parking lot. the real performance will take place on national television. >> pretty much just excitement. we are ready to go and prepared and excited. >> san jose's valley christian high school is not only marching in the tournament of roses parade, but is the first band ever to team up with one from another nation. beijing number 57 high school. the only time the two groups met was on a visit to the school in april. the school provided this video. >> we are excited about the opportunity. the challenge is the limited rehearsal time we have. that's what we are here doing. ♪ >> the two bands have been practicing in their home countries for more than a year. while language is a barrier, music is the common denominator.
6:52 am
and this gal from beijing 57 shared her thoughts through an interpreter. >> she thought we can practice together and be able to communicate and make friends. >> together the 235 musicians call themselves the east-meets-west fusion band. >> in addition to harmonizing the music, they must move in step to negotiate the turn on the parade route. >> all eyes and cameras will be watching as they hit colorado boulevard in pasadena. >> i've never heard of a 105-degree turn. i've usually seen 90's. it's scary. >> nerves are expected as the teenagers prepare for a performance of a lifetime. but mostly they just can't wait for the world to hear the sound they make as one. >> we will be hearing two cultures come together with a boom and a boom and a boom! >> if you tune in on new year's day, san jose's valley christian will be wearing blue uniforms.
6:53 am
beijing 57 will be dressed in red. together the music will make history. in gilroy, karina rusk, abc7 news. you can watch the valley christian-beijing fusion band and the rest of the parade new year's morning beginning at 8:00 a.m. on abc7. also abc7 news sports anchor, mike shumann, is heading to pasadena to cover the rose bowl. his reports will air here on abc7. coming up, it made it to space and back, but now it needs some tlc. how n.a.s.a. crews are taking
6:54 am
6:55 am
the space shuttle atlantis is being shrink wrapped in florida. n.a.s.a. is putting 16,000 square feet of shrink wraparound the spacecraft to protect it while crews build a museum around it.
6:56 am
the shuttle will be the centerpiece of the exhibit at the kennedy space center visitor complex. n.a.s.a. said the move is necessary to make sure the orbiter isn't damaged by dirt or debris during construction. the 2011 marked the end of the space shuttle program. the museum should be open to the public by july. >> as the 6:00 hour comes to a close, one last check where the rain is falling. >> heading south around monterey bay. clearing the bay area. as you see over the last few hours, we are just drying out now all around the bay area. san jose, dry, as well. there were some returns 4:00 this morning, but looking pretty good receipt now. just reporting some cloudy conditions. we are still picking up light rain over parts of scotts valley on highway 17. check out gilroy, that's drying out, but some light rain falling over san martin and monterey road. temperatures on the cool side. low 50s. a few upper 40s. >> all right, francis, thank you. and thank you, everyone, for joining us on the abc7 saturday
6:57 am
morning news. abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. hey, if you have a new tablet computer or smartphone as a gift this holiday season, remember, you can be connected with abc7 news all the time through our app. you can download our hit alarm clock app for your i-phone, android phone or tablet and also the kindl fire. also it's available for all the devices as well as the ipad. download the app free from apple's app store, google's play and amazon's app
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6:59 am
good morning, america. this morning, round two. just days after that record-breaking blizzard, another hit of fresh snow for the midwest and northeast. as we track the storm this morning, look at these people falling one by one through thin ice. >> give me the rope from under the seat. fiscal cliffhanger. >> the hour for immediate action is here. it's now. >> t-minus three days until everyone's taxes go up. the politicians are in a mad scramble this morning. so, what are the odds of a deal to prevent disaster? the price of fashion. are your skinny jeans a health risk? why doctors are warning of nerve damage, abdominal pain, heartburn, even blood clots. "x factor" ax?


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